I Will Be Forever Young

You're hopeless. You're growing desperate from the fight. You feel you're alone. You feel there's no escape. You're almost giving up. Never things can work well for you. That's when some Angels came back to Earth. They started "The Angels Revolution". It's a Revolution because they changed everything that was going wrong in the world. When there were Tears, they replaced it with a Smile. Fight? They established the Peace. A Broken Heart? They replaced it with a New Love. Sadness? It turned out to be Happiness. Hate became Love. Weakness became Strenght. & one of the most important things: they give the world the Hope that it was waiting for.~♥
Well, this Tumblr is dedicated to MY ANGELS. They saved me. They helped me in so many ways that I'll be forever grateful for that. This is my simple but caring tribute for them. Oh, WHO are my Angels? Demetria Lovato, Selena Gomez, One Direction, Miley Cyrus, Debby Ryan, Justin Bieber, Jamie Cullum, Linkin Park & more! Hope you enjoy it!
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